Get rid of ISIS, and do it fast!


Assad is not going anywhere, he will have to wait.

For a lack of alternatives at this moment in this chaos called Syria, US should concentrate on destroying ISIS. There is no “good guys” left in that country. Free Syrian Army almost nonexistent, Kurds will only fight to protect themselves and their territory (same as in Iraq) and they wont fight Assad. Neighboring countries need to set up a safe zone for women and children, even if they have to use their own territory to temporary accept refuges. Rich Middle Eastern Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar will have to help those countries financially. After ISIS has been destroyed in Syria and elsewhere, willing parties have to seat down for a negotiation. Partitioning Syria is another alternative. But nothing will be achieved until threat of ISIS still exist in that country.
This is all my opinion. I am not a diplomat, or a politician. Read more at The Right Scoop…

Do Nikki Haley and State Secretary Tillerson have the same U.S. foreign policy?!


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